Enduro Hand and Skin Disinfectant

Hand & Skin Disinfectants

The Enduro range of hand and skin hygiene products offers highly effective and dermatologically tested solutions that are water-based and alcohol free.

  • Tested to European Standards
  • Effective against C.difficile spores, gram positive and gram negative bacteria
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Residual antimicrobial activity
Water-based, alcohol free hand sanitiser - AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE
Fast-acting, quick-drying and easy to use, Enduro Hand Sanitiser is one of a new generation of water-based and alcohol free skin h...
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Water-based, alcohol free hand & surface wipes - AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE
Enduro Sanitising Wipes WORLD
Alcohol free, water-based wipes for the sanitising and cleaning of hands and non-food contact hard surfaces. Offering 60 second ki...
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Sporicidal, water-based, alcohol free hand disinfection - AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE EU
Enduro Skin Disinfectants
One of the first high performance, water-based, sporicidal, alcohol free hand and skin disinfectants available.Unlike alcohol gels...
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Alcohol free, sporicidal, dermatologically tested hand & skin wipes - AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE EU
Enduro Hygiene Wipes
Using the same sporicidal and alcohol free formula found in our Enduro Hand Disinfectant, Enduro Hygiene Wipes are designed for cl...
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A selection of our most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our range of Enduro Hand & Skin products. If you haven't found the an...
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